The versatile and tech-advanced forest equipment en vogue

Forestry equipment are of utmost importance for a protected and long-lasting surrounding. Important equipment enlisted in this category are the log grapples, iron shafts thrown by a rope for grasping with its grappling hook and holding logs with claws. Versatile timber grapple is used as a profession logging grapple operator.

Different types of log grapples available are:

Innumerable sizes and shapes are available in log grapples that are suitable for tough applications. These help in unloading, loading, sorting and other tree-handling situations. Whether it is a forwarder, a self or wheeled loader, or an excavator or off-wheeled vehicle, usage in any season at any time, different grapples handle different kinds of logs throughout the world. Better productivity with an affordable cost is the primary concern behind the usage of any log grapple.

–          Standard duty, heavy duty and super heavy duty are differently available grapples, with an in-built facility of high pressure cylinders, interlocking head structure and watertight rotators.

–          Supergrip STD for standard lighter duty.

–          S for heavy duty grapple and R for bunching branches.

–          In the supergrip II, IIS, IIR; A- grapples or asymmetric arms meet at the centre to collect wood and excavator.

–          Tongs and grapples used as replacement grapples.

–          Grapples with rotators used for tractors and skid steers.

Not only that, recently the Tigercat knuckleboom loading grapples have been introduced in the market. These help to improve the productivity during operations.

Here are some inbuilt features in log grapples to groove on…

–          Easy rolling for the material handling devices even for the crooked logs by the jaw of the grapple is also efficiently done.

–          Self contained hydraulics in the cylinder which are protected, durable and offer a better gripping capacity.

–          Fully sealed rotators having a capacity of 360 degrees with a pinion gear is capable of submerging up to 15feet in the water, providing the proper torque.

Along with the above features, a detachable brush rake attachment is available for better clean up, and is equipped with proper storage facility. A safety valve is fitted with a synchronized shell and small diameter grabbing and handling facility is ensured in log grapples.

Structural design:

The steel of high tensile strength, WELDOX-DOMEX and HARDOX wear plates, is ensured with the right sized blades. Induction hardened chrome pins with a large diameter and brushes are fitted in the grapple joints. The various models range within 02-0.7mwith a capacity of 115- 650kg and a maximum load between 1500- 7000daN. Check Forest Centre for more details.

Multi-tasker grapple saw:

Having a whole new definition of operational efficiency, the grapple saw helps to reduce human effort and speeds up the operational efficiency. Being fitted to every excavator, log loader or a shovel logger, the capability of the machine increases.

The different types are

–          Supersaw 350E for slash handling,

–          Supersaw 550 as a powerful alternative,

–          Supersaw 555S for mainly excavator mounting,

–          Supersaw 650S and 6000S.

Compact yet easy to use and a highly professional operator is hence an essential forest equipment to be equipped with. This labour-saving tool with an affordable price and high productivity has a wide range of applications to offer. Visit for more information.



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