Self storage facilities in the suburbs of Melbourne

In the 1960s, the trend of using storage facilities for both personal and business storage began due to the rise in the demand for extra storage space. Statistics show that in 2014, Australia had 1100 storage facilities covering 39 million square feet. The numbers have only been increasing as the small living spaces and consumer spending have both caused a huge demand for storage space. Melbourne’s suburbs too have many storage facilities like the West Melbourne self storage facilities and the Spotswood self storage facilities.

West Melbourne self storage

The benefits of using self storage facilities

The West Melbourne self storage units have a high occupancy rate as they are used for personal storage by people when they shift from one place to another. Changing locations is a very tedious process which involves a lot of planning and attention to detail as you cannot afford to forget anything because it is difficult to travel back and forth to tie loose ends. Public self storage is a very convenient and practical option for storing your furniture and belongings temporarily while you deal with the legalities and paperwork involved in the shifting process. Once you are settled in your new place, you can simply ask the self storage people to transfer your possessions to your new location or you can collect them yourself. These self storage units can be used for business storage also if the companies require extra space to store their inventory or old files.

Self storage keeps your possessions safe and secure

The West Melbourne self storage units are of various types – rooms, containers, lockers and outdoor space. These units are dry and clean so that your goods remain undamaged. The units come in all sizes and rentals. There are small, medium and big units. These can be rented on weekly or monthly basis. The general rental ranges between 30$ and 650$ depending on the unit size chosen. There are many facilities available like twenty-four-hour access to the units and climate controlled units. You get security options like cctv coverage, passcoded keypads, biometric thumbprints and hand scanners, alarm systems for each unit. These units give easy access to airports, freeways, highways and docklands making them very convenient for commercial storage. Public self storage is so popular because it is very affordable and can be rented for any length of time whereas buying a new property involves an investment of a lot of money and effort. See more at Dan Hadley Adelaide

Renting self storage units

It is very easy to rent these cheap storage units online by visiting websites like You can book packing and moving services on such websites too. These websites specify the rent for every unit size and you can book and pay online.

The personal storage places Fitzroy market has today, along with other inner and outer suburbs of Melbourne, are a good option for storing goods for a limited time period in a safe and secure way. They are a cost effective storage option for businesses too. So make use of these easy storage options whenever you need extra space.



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